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 Ashley Still

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PostSubject: Ashley Still   Ashley Still I_icon_minitimeFri 10 Jun 2011, 11:52 pm

Name: Ashley Still

Theme Song: Nicki Minaj-"Super Bass"


Picture: Ashley Still Sad%2Banime%2Bgirl%2Bwith%2Bbrown%2Bhair%2B3

Appearance: Ashley is a beautiful girl with silky, long beautiful hair that reaches down to her waist. Her hair has bangs and she usually wears her hair in a ponytail if it gets too much “in the way” during a Pokemon Battle. She does wear jeans only on rare occasions but the sweat pants are her usual custom when it comes to clothing. In the summer time she is accustomed to wearing extra-short shorts but in winter or fall it is always either sweatpants or jeans. Never has Ashley ever worn a skirt or dress nor should she ever will because it’s just too girly for her standards. A remarkable thing about her is her dazzling golden eyes which seem to bring great attention to people who meet her or see her. She’s mostly commented on her nice looks and choice of clothing which gave her a great increase of attractiveness in high school.

Personality: Like as you can see in the picture Ashley is reasonably a calm teenager. On no account has she ever worried before in her whole life, and when talking to a big crowd she keeps her cool and doesn’t panic. This personality can be an advantage for most causes, such as when she’s battling in a Pokemon Battle. Sadly this behavior can also be a disadvantage to her since people think it’s weird how silent she can be. Even her friends question her about how to be just as cool and spicy as her.

One of Ashley’s favorite things to do besides texting her friends is hanging out with Pokemon alone. It gives her time to concentrate and swallow her thoughts, which is good seeing as people are always around her and talking to her constantly which could be moderately annoying. She even has her own connection with Pokemon and sometimes can understand what they’re saying or thinking. At times she may go for nights with Pokemon, she was that connected.

The last thing that wraps up her personality is her clumsiness. She has a skill at knocking down all the pots and pans and vases she walks by. This is one disadvantage that may disturb her original collected personality, and can somewhat embarrass her at times.

History: A long time ago when Ashley was just a little three year old girl she lived her parents in a blissful cottage where lots of wild Pokemon lived in the Unova Region. Ashley would always like to go outside and smell the fresh air while petting a wild Pokemon. It turned out to be a routine for her to go outside and play with the Pokemon around the area. Sometimes she might even watch some Pokemon battle each other and maybe even play a game of chase or hide n’ seek with her.

Once she reached the age of becoming a trainer she was so excited she ran like light to the Pokemon Lab. Unfortunately there were no starters and all of them were taken to her surprise, but there was one Pokemon Egg. To her luck the professor said that she could keep it and raise it up to be a true battler. Ashley did just that and tried her best to try and keep her patience but it still wouldn’t happen. Frustrated, she asked her parents for advice but all they gave her were words such as “Patience” and “It will hatch.” So then after a couple weeks of waiting the Pokemon Egg finally hatched and to her surprise it was a Snivy. Ashley then dubbed her Snivy lucky and together they turned out to be… complete enemies?

Ashley and Lucky didn’t get together at first sight even when Ashley told him the process of how many weeks she had to take care of him. Still Lucky acted stubborn as any Pokemon could and stayed a far distance from the willing trainer. Everyday Ashley would try to talk to this Snivy and all he did was turn his head and looked to the side, trying to act cool.

At the midst of giving up her dream of being a Pokemon trainer Ashley set off to look for more powerful Pokemon instead of Snivy. She then met up with an angry Gyarados who seemed to be on a rampage since all of her offspring were captured by a fisherman. It was so angry that it tried to attack Ashley with a Hyper Beam but luckily she dodged it by just nearly an inch. That was when Lucky came to his senses and went to rescue his fellow trainer. He jumped up and tackled the giant Gyarados in the nose and right after that, pushed Ashley far away from the Gyarados before he could find out who that irritating Pokemon was.

Ashley thanked Lucky so much for saving her life and Lucky forgiven her for how mulish he was. Ashley accepted and both of them decided to rebuild the dream of becoming that number one trainer. It all started with a trip to a different region; that region that Ashley always wanted to set foot on. The Cyx region.

Ashley Still 495
Ability: Contrary
Level: 5
Gender: Boy
Moves: Tackle; Leer
Personality: As you can tell from the history Lucky is a pretty darn stubborn Pokemon. He’s also careful when choosing actions and a great companion when you get to know him from Ashley’s view. He can be a bit sassy though with other Pokemon.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashley Still   Ashley Still I_icon_minitimeSat 11 Jun 2011, 8:44 am

Looks good.


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Ashley Still
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