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Annoa Blackrain

Annoa Blackrain

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PostSubject: Infatuated   Infatuated I_icon_minitimeThu 16 Jun 2011, 9:46 am

Annoa heard of the Aryaa Ship back when she was at the Geisha house. But she never knew what it looked like. She never really payed alot of attention to it becuase she wasn't all to fund of flying, but if she had to she would go. She heard alot of people that were in the Tea House talking about the ship. She even had the Gym Leader of the ship in her shop, but she didn't really mind. He was just like any other person in the shop. Gym Leaders are just normal people as any other. Annoa didn't even like the idea of a Gym in the sky, it gave her the shivers.

She saw the big ship. She walked towards it. Alot of man were in the waiting line to get in it. The man that looked at Annoa were nearly drewling and let her infront of them. Not long after she was infront of the line, becuase she was let infront and entered the ship. She didn't like to be a geisha, but it sure had some pro's, but then again everything with pro's has also con's.

As she entered the ship she was assigned a room. She walked towards it. On the way she saw alot of man staring at her again. Alexis was used to it and just giggled at how quick man some man could be seduced. Annoa entered her room and placed her stuff in the room and took a quick shower. She put on her clothes again and went towards a cafeteria in the city.

After a few minutes of walking and people staring at her she sat down at a table in a cafeteria. She ordered a cup of vanilla tea for herself, and a bowl of milk for Alexis. Yet again she was stared at by man that were in the cafeteria. While she was drinking her tea she was thinking of what she should become. Would she be a Trainer, Coordinator maybe a Breeder. She couldn't decicde. But that wasn't her main goal. Her main goal was getting strong enough she free the Geisha's.

As she was about to pay the waiter an man stepped infront of her. "Let me pay for you, miss." The man said already paying for her tea before she could awnser. She stood up. "Thank you." She bowed to him and left towards the exit of the cafeteria. "Wait up." The man said. Annoa stopped and turned around. "Umm...we...well i was wondering if you would go out with me...tonight? Dinner?" The man said nervous. "I'd love that." Annoa said. Normally she wouldn't go out with someone, but she didn't know what it was with him, but it made her want to go out with him. She probably just said that to thank him that he paid for the tea. She just kept that in mind, she didn't want to think it was something else. The man looked happy and nodded. "Sushi? At Octillery Tentacle? At seven?" The man asked. "I'd love to." Annoa said bowing to the man and left the cafetaria. As she walked passed the cafetaria she saw through the window that he was jumping up and down of joy to his friends he was sitting with, he was appearantly forgetting that there was a window there.


The day passed by and it was now a quarter to seven. Annoa left her room towards her...date. She found it hard to believe that she had one. She stood infront of the restraunt. She walked into the restraunt at exactly seven o'clock. Geisha's were also trained to have exact timing, if they didn't they would get hit again. Annoa saw the man in sitting at a table. She walked towards it with Alexis next to her. Annoa sat down and Alexis sat at her feet. "My name is Annoa by the way." She said. "My name is Tyler." Tyler said with a smile.

"So what bring you here?" Annoa asked making a conversation. "Well, I'm going to challange the Gym Leader, Clyde." Tyler said. "Ohh, that sounds nice. Do you have any gyms badges already?" Annoa asked. Tyler nodded and got a Badge Case from his pocket. "I have six right now. I won the Flamberge Gym, Scintilla Gym, Velena Gym, Voya Gym and Zaveloc Gym." Tyler said pointing at the gym badge that he won while saying the names. "Wow, you must have very strong pokemon." Annoa said with a nice smile. "Well, kinda. I have a Alakazam, Dewgong, Larvesta and a Serperior." Tyler said happy. Annoa looked at Tyler with an amazed smile, those pokemon were pretty though and strong. "Wow, those a very strong pokemon. You must be a good trainer." Annoa said. "Could i see them?" Annoa wondered. Tyler shook his head. "I left them at the PokeCenter." Annoa nodded.

A waiter came up and asked them what they wanted. "Oh, i forgot to look at the menu." Tyler said getting the menu that was on the table and looking at it. "I will just have some ginsheng tea please." Annoa said. Tyler placed the menu back on the table and looked amazed by Annoa. "Ow, C'mon have something to eat. It's my treat." Tyler said. But Annoa shook her head. Tyler sighed "We will have the Octillery Dish please." Tyler said. Annoa looked up at Tyler. The Octillery dish was a big dish for just himself, but then again she didn't know how much he normally ate. "I ordered it, just incase you change your mind." Tyler said. Annoa nodded thankfully.

After alot of talking and laughing and Tyler telling his adventure story's the dish was served. It was a statue of an octillery with on every tentacle was a plate with all kinds of sushi on it. Annoa decided that she took some aswell. She took a not to big piece of the Sushi but not to small and chewed it a certain amount of times. Even eating was thought to her.

Tyler asked about why she was like that and her manners. Annoa explained everything to him. She knew him well enough now after all their talking. Tyler offered to help her save the Geisha's. Annoa was very thankfull for it. Annoa always thought that man were pigs, becuase of what she saw in the tea house. But she didn't find him a pig at all. She found him nice. She was the only man so far that she trusted. Alexis was very happy for her becuase she finally had someone to trust except her.

After their dinner they decided to leave. They both stood up. Annoa bowed to Tyler. "Thanks for the lovely dinner, and that you want to help me. I hope i will see you again." Annoa said. Tyler looked at Annoa and kissed her. Annoa found it weird. It wasn't in order of the head Geisha or it wasn't in order of the man. He wanted to and she let him. Alexis was just happy for her. After they both left Annoa went to her room waiting for the flight to be over.

After the fight was over and she was in Tallum City. She didn't have anything anymore against flying for some reason, she didn't know why but Alexis sure did.

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