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 Roleplaying: Battling

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PostSubject: Roleplaying: Battling   Roleplaying: Battling I_icon_minitimeSun 05 Jun 2011, 5:43 pm

Now, on to the fun stuff: battling. Exclamation

Battling on this site will always between you, the trainer, and a Mod. The Mod can choose to approach you in the form of a wild pokemon randomly generated from one of the encounter lists, an opposing trainer with similarly-leveled pokemon, or any other form of elite trainer such as a Gym Leader or one of the Elite Four.

Again, everything they do is random, so you cannot choose who you go against, or what pokemon you see. If you ask for a specific pokemon, or mention looking for a certain pokemon, I will make sure they go out of their way to not send that pokemon to fight you (sound good, Whitey? Very Happy). Your Mod will play as the person standing between you and accomplishing your goal of becoming the best.

Now, in these battles, you are given several different options.

First, you can choose to fight. You choose one of your pokemon's attacks and roleplay your pokemon trying to hit the opposing pokemon with that attack. If you actually roleplay your attack hitting them, it is considered Autoing, an unfair form of roleplaying. If you make a post containing any method of Autoing, you'll be asked to edit it, but we'll cover that later. With that said, you can also choose to dodge an incoming attack, but only if its avoidable. If your pokemon avoids an attack, they can use one of their own moves in the same turn, allowing a smooth counterattack! Some attacks (ex. Shock Wave, Shadow Punch, Aerial Ace, etc.) cannot be avoided, so don't bother. In addition, several other things play in to factor here, such as accuracy, status conditions, and natural evasion of either your pokemon or the pokemon you're facing. Just play fairly and try to keep the fight as reasonable as possible.

Second, you can choose to run away. Obviously, if against a wild pokemon, this will end the battle, and possibly, the thread. It's your decision. However, similar to the handheld games, you cannot run from a Trainer battle! You are guided by a Trainer Code which says that if you look a Trainer in the eyes, you absolutely must battle them. No exceptions.

Third, you can choose to use an item. Whether your pokemon are weak, or in need of increased stats, you can take a turn to use any item from your bag you believe will help you win. During tournaments is the only time you will not be able to use items in battle. However, just like in the games, this counts as your turn, so you cannot attack and use an item in the same turn. Play fairly.

If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask me for a more detailed explanation.
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Roleplaying: Battling
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