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 Maxemileon Roebuck

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PostSubject: Maxemileon Roebuck   Maxemileon Roebuck I_icon_minitimeMon 06 Jun 2011, 5:09 pm

Name: Maxemileon Roebuck
Age: 19
Face Claim: Hollow Ichigo (Bleach)
Maxemileon Roebuck HollowIchigo

Appearance: Max stands roughly 6'8'' feet, has white, shaggy white hair that spills over his eyes on occasion. His bright yellow eyes is his most notable feature. When people look into them, the say it's like looking into a black hole that's void of most emotion, but is filled with thought and secret planning.
In contras to the image above, Max doesn't wear the outfit that's shown. He wears a white tuxedo with a black tie. Coincidentally, he can't wear that on his journeys, so he wears a plain white T with light gray slacks. It looks like he's going for a daily jog, if that helps the mental imagery.
And, no, he doesn't carry a sword on him.

Personality: Max can be describe shortly in three words: Plotting, Shady, and Demented. For someone with an iffy mental state, he has an outstanding IQ, topping off at 172. Sadly, he uses that knowledge for less than good efforts. Stealing, conning people, and poking at people's minds are is favorite pass times. Of course, where there's evil, there's good. At times he seems to show his insanity more clearly. He can occasionally be seen talking to "himself". Though invisible to the outside world, Max has an alter-ego who also happens to be the better side of him. More about this alter ego will be revealed throughout the rp.

Max tends to be quite calm and level headed when it comes to most things, but if poked at too many times he blows up like a nuclear bomb. These explosions are accompanied with violent talk, fights, and on one occasion murder. Fortunately, these temper tantrums almost never happen. Of course, this also means that he does not get along with people very well. It's a wonder why he's even a Pokemon Trainer, but then again, he does have a soft side for his Rufflet.

History: As a child, Max was an outcast. Kids rejected him because of his more, uh, violent outlook on the world and simply because he was far smarter than his classmates. By the time he had entered High School, he became the bully of the school. One wrong look from across the hall, and Max would start a full on fight, though by the end of high school he learned to better manage his temper. At the same hand he excelled at his school work. All of his grades were at, or above, 99-100%. Because of his smarts, high class colleges begged for him to join, but refused every single offer.

At graduation night, Max received his diploma, scholarships, grants, and other assorted rewards and then left the building. As he always did, he took the long way home and crossed through a small patch of trees that served as the town's park. He had planned to go home and pack his things so that he could leave this dull town and receive a Pokemon from a professor, or whatever, but he stopped at the sound of chirping. With a roll of his yellow eyes he turned to investigate the sound. Perched on a lower branch of an Oran berry tree was a Rufflet. The fluffy bird fluttered from the tree and landed on Max's head with a cheerful chip.

Max had no clue as to how to react to this wild Pokemon. For once in his life, he was dumfounded. With gentle hands, he plucked the bird from his head and took a good look at it. He was familiar with the Pokemon Rufflet, but he wondered why such a young bird was without a parent. He searched and searched for the Pokemon's parents, but it was in vain. Max grumbled as he pushed his hair from his eyes. He shrugged to the Rufflet and then turned back in the direction of home. Just like before, Rufflet hopped onto his head and sat there contently. Max growled and snatched the bird from his head. With the bird in his hands, he went to a Pokemart and, using his only money, caught the willing Rufflet.

Just when Max thought he was out of the woods, he stumbled upon a young Phanpy. Why there was a Phanpy in the middle of his city is still a wonder today. The little blue elephant approached Max and smiled up at him and his newly caught Rufflet, which was perched on his head yet again. Max grumbled to the little Pokemon: "Let me guess...You're coming, too?" Phanpy's reply was a loud, cheerful cry, followed by moving up to him and rubbing his leg softly. At this point in time, Max was too irritated to even say no to the cute little girl. He turned and bought yet another pokeball and caught the Phanpy.

Upon going home he nicknamed the Rufflet Aetos, which is the greek term for Eagle, and Phanpy Alena, meaning "pretty" in Greek. Now Max had to pack for a different sort of escape. Now he was sucked into being a Pokemon trainer, though he would never point the blame on his feathered friend that had a fondness for riding on Max's head. The next morning, Max headed out to see what he could take from a professor.

Maxemileon Roebuck 627
Species: Rufflet
Nickname: Aetos
Level: 5
Type: Flying/Normal
Ability: Keen Eye
Gender: Male
Attacks: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack

Maxemileon Roebuck 231
Species: Phanpy
Nickname: Alena
Type: Ground
Level: 5
Ability: Pickup
Gender: Female
Attacks: Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl

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PostSubject: Re: Maxemileon Roebuck   Maxemileon Roebuck I_icon_minitimeMon 06 Jun 2011, 6:23 pm

Another ridiculously tall character? Interesting...

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Maxemileon Roebuck
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