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 A spot of training to cure boredom.

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A spot of training to cure boredom.  Empty
PostSubject: A spot of training to cure boredom.    A spot of training to cure boredom.  I_icon_minitimeFri 10 Jun 2011, 10:46 pm

Sullivan stretched out on his bed as he lay around bored. It was just another boring day for him, his mother and father weren't working till the night time so both of them were passed out in the other bedroom of their tiny cabin. He silently pulled himself up and looked over to Maximus who was sleeping silently in his little nest. “Psst, Maximus,” Sullivan whispered as loudly as he could. After a few seconds on no replies, Sully quietly crept across the room and tapped Max on the head. With an almighty caw, Maximus spread his wings out and shifted his eyes around the room. It wasn't long before Sullivan's mother yelled, “SHUT THAT BLOODY THING UP!” and Sullivan was running for his dear life. Maximus was quick to follow as the two escaped into the corridor of the ARYAA.

I was going to ask you if you felt like getting some training done,” Sullivan said through heavy breaths after they had gotten far away enough from their cabin to talk normally again, “But I guess we don't really have much choice anymore. Come on, you never know when our first proper battle might spring up. We need to get prepared.” Maximus simply sighed as he landed down on Sullivan's shoulder. He knew he needed to get stronger but he didn't really feel like it today. Still he guessed there really wasn't much else to do so he simply nodded at Sullivan as Sullivan began wandering the corridors looking for a good spot to train.

As he walked, Sullivan reviewed the pokedex he had been gifted by his father. “Says here that Murkrow of your level know there attacks; Peck, Astonish and Pursuit. I think the best course of action for starting out would be to make sure that you've got those attacks down and then work on any other weaknesses or things that you're struggling with.” Maximus simply nodded along to whatever Sullivan was saying, not really paying that much attention until he spotted the battlefield Sullivan was walking into. It was used for internal battling, when people weren't feeling brave enough to try battling on the top of the ship. It was empty today, and Sullivan smiled at how it would provide for his training purposes.

Alright Max, when using your peck attack you should make sure that your attacks are fast, swooping movements. You want to swoop down and strike then get out ASAP.” Sullivan explained as rummaged around in some of the Junk left behind by other trainers. Finally finding an adequate stick, he raised it above his head and looked towards Maximus who was now floating on the other side of the field. “I want you to break the top of this stick off with your peck,” Sullivan explained waving it around. Maximus simply snorted, it was too easy a request for him. He instantly flapped his wings and began darting across the field towards the stick raised above Sullivan's head. As he drew closer, his beak began to glow a bright white. Just he was about to strike the stick, Sullivan waved his arm swiftly and moved it causing Maximus to twist his head around in surprise. While distracted, he slammed straight into one of the walls. “Too slow, again,” Sullivan stated looking back at Maximus as he growled over at him. Maximus shook his head to rid the pain of hitting the wall and quickly dashed towards Sullivan again. He knew what tricks he was up to this time, he wasn't going to get caught off guard so easily. His beak once again began to glow a bright white as he got close, but once again Sully swing the stick out of his path at the last second. Maximus quickly pulled back and did a loop, trying to catch Sully off guard and descended towards the stick. However, Sullivan was already one step ahead of him and simply stepped out of the way causing Maximus to splat into the ground.

Maximus staggered around on the ground for a few seconds as he looked up at Sullivan, who bonked him on the head with the stick lightly. “You're still too slow,” he sighed holding the stick up above his head again. Maximus' eyes narrowed in anger as Sullivan waved the stick around his head. No stick was getting the better of him! With a powerful flap of his wings he shot straight up towards the stick, but missed again. He was going to let the momentum fade away this time as he quickly circled back round and dove towards Sullivan with his beak maintaining the white glow this time. Sullivan hadn't expected him to appear so swiftly so was only able to just move the stick out of his path this time. Maximus noticed this drop in pace and quickly swooped round in a circle once again, flapping his wings rapidly to build up more speed as he approached the stick like a bullet. Sullivan had only barely turned his head when he felt the stick shatter in his hands. Sullivan blinked at the stub remaining before screaming, “Excellent! That speed is more like it!” Maximus cawed loudly in agreement as he continued to darted around the field looking for more items to practise on.

Use Pursuit before this hits the ground!” Sullivan suddenly yelled out slamming the stub towards the ground. Maximus blinked in surprise as he spotted the stub already laying on the ground. Sullivan quickly picked it up again and held his hand out ready to drop it as Max turned to swoop towards him. Once again he slammed it onto the ground, it touching down before Max was even close. Max swooped back up and gritted his beak. He knew that Pursuit required him to fast enough to hit a pokemon as it was escaping, but this was ridiculous. Still, as Sully raised his arm with the stub out again, Maximus pushed all his speed into a burst towards the stub. His body began to emit a dark aura starting from his beak as he approached it, but it faded shortly before the stub touched the ground with Maximus being a couple of feet away. Maximus sighed dejectedly as he slowed down to watch Sullivan's movements as he picked up the stub once more. Instead of just blindly rushing about, Max focused hard on Sully's movements this time. As soon as he saw Sullivan began to raise his arm, he pushed all his energy into another burst forward. The dark aura quickly appeared around Max again as he burst across the field and towards Sully, fast approaching him before Sully's arm was even raised fully. As the stub left his hand, Max had to pull up in order to hit it, smashing it to pieces as well. However, he found it hard to slow down at that speed and ended up slamming into the wall once again. Sullivan winced as he saw this and mumbled, “I guess we can work on slowing down later...” Maximus simply shook his head again as he flapped around in shaky line towards Sully. He let out a loud caw towards him, releasing his annoyance towards Sullivan that made him flinch. “Well, I guess that's your Astonish wrapped up too,” Sully joked as Maximus landed on his shoulder and pecked at the side of his head.

((853, Maximus gains 4 levels))

Sullivan and Maximus quickly made their way back to their cabin after what felt like days of training, but in total wasn't probably more that 30 minutes. As they entered, Sullivan's parents were leaving for their respective night shifts. A quick hug and farewells later and Sullivan was back in his bed, sighing in boredom as Maximus curled up in his nest. “Another boring night for us, eh? Sullivan murmured as he looked over at his clock, wishing ever so slightly that something bizarre would happen to liven up his evening.

((1322 in total, +1200 Squid))
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A spot of training to cure boredom.
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