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 Exercise For Two!

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PostSubject: Exercise For Two!   Exercise For Two! I_icon_minitimeFri 10 Jun 2011, 10:31 pm

Bret was astounded by the large airship. They had some big ones in the Caesari region, but they were mostly used for the royalty. They were never cheeky enough to use the giant things against one another, but preferred to use the power of their own Pokemon. The summer day was beating down on him at the dock site where people could be teleported to the ship after proper identification. He wanted to get a nice long look at how the Gym leaders rolled around here, since the League here was so much different. It was much larger, and while it meant a lot to the people around them, it didn’t determine who ruled the country. It was much more battle based.

Rosie clung to Bret’s arm as they approached, checked by the guard with his Pokedex information. After getting cleared, the Abra at the dock teleported the group up to the city in the sky. Bret was a little dizzy after the teleportation, but paused long enough to get his footing before gazing at all the interesting machinery. He wondered if some of the technology was Caesarian inspired, but thought the patterns of the text on the monitors looked much different. Rosie was cooing in his arms.

After some time, and a lot of walking, he managed to find a bench near the walkway. Resting Rosie down on the bench, he rested his hands on his hips and started to get into father mode. Tapping his foot as Rosie’s spoiling, he realized that the time had come for her to grow up a little bit.

“Alright, Rosie, there’s gonna be a time when Bret’s not going to be able to hold you, you know. You’ll be growing thorns and pretty flowers, and even if I work out, I can’t be luggin’ you everywhere.”


Rosie looked aghast at first, but started sulking. She was three years old. In human terms she was old enough to walk on her own. In Pokemon terms, she should be a hardened warrior by now. Twiddling her top vines for a few moments, she shuffled her leaves, knowing that Bret was right.

“Look, I won’t go cold turkey on you, but you got to walk along side of me for a bit. Papa Bret is out of shape and as much jolly exercise as I’m getting carrying you, I’m bloody pooped! You can cuddle on next to me still, but we got to get you training, luv!”


Like a child who didn’t want to do homework, Rosie scrunched her face and resigned herself to training. Looking up at Bret to figure out what to do next, Bret crossed his arms and smiled.

“Alright… let’s go for something a bit easy, alright? Since there’s nothing really here to absorb, we’ll just start with growth exercises, alright? Papa Bret has been doing all the walking… now it’s your turn.”

Bret breathed in as much as his lungs could hold and held his breath for as long as he could before puffing out all the air. His face was a little red as Rosie tilted her head.

“Just like that. Grow as big as you can stand, hold it for as long as you can stand, then let it out… alright?”

Rosie started gathering energy which turned a bright yellowish green, eating energy, and eating more energy! Her body started to really grow, gaining almost half a foot all around. Her face squinted and struggled to keep all of the energy in her body, letting out a frustrated whine before “puffing” it all out and reverting back to her original form.

“Good girl! Take a few breaths and do it again. I want you to be able to get bigger and bigger and the more you do this, the more comfy you get with it. I’ll buy you some bottled water after we’re done, okay?”

Her nature picked up after that, giggling happily at getting a reward. Once again she closed her eyes and concentrated again, getting bigger and bigger… a inch further than last time! Bret was watching his Pokedex and the stopwatch application on it. Once Rosie let out her energy, Bret clicked the button with the time on it. Rosie panted with a bead of sweat or two falling from her.

“Forty-five seconds. Alright, luv. We’re gonna go a full minute, then I’ll get you your bottled water. Sound fair? After a few swigs, we’ll be back on it.”

Rosie was a spoiled brat, but Bret was Bret! Scrunching her face, she took a few deep breaths before growing and growing, her energy remaining static. Bret noticed she wasn’t growing as high, but she was smart enough to spend her energy for the long haul. At the fifty second mark, he started counting down.

“Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one!”

Letting out an exasperated puff of air, Rosie really looked pooped! Bret was nice enough to sit down next to her and allow her to catch her breath before going off to the vending machine. He found a small strain behind one of her leaves that he started rubbing down.

“That was lovely, Rosie! You’re gonna be a champ someday!”


Rosie was strained and tired, but looked like she could walk. Bret got up after a few moments and walked with Rosie to the vending machine areas. Rummaging through his pockets he managed to find some spare change and tossed in the money needed to get a nice cold drink for the both of them.

“Phew! I could sure use one myself!”

After putting his money in, he chose two waters and they ejected from the machine properly. Taking the cap off of one of them Rosie toddled around next to him with her vines in the air, whimpering for a drink.

“There ya go! Now don’t drink the whole thing, alright? We gotta-“

Gulp… gulp… gulp… gulp…

Bret merely sighed at his spoiled princess as she chugged the whole thing before he could say a word in edgewise. She wiped her face with her vine and giggled. Bret shook his head and saved the bottle. He could fill it with the water fountain water later.

“Alright, luv… back to work!”

((WC: 1,023 *Five Levels... Rosie Learned Water Sport and Stun Spore and is now level 10! *Gained 900* ))
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Exercise For Two!
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