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Annoa Blackrain

Annoa Blackrain

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PostSubject: Annoa Blackrain   Annoa Blackrain I_icon_minitimeWed 08 Jun 2011, 4:14 pm

Name: Annoa Blackrain
Age: 17
It's a big pic so i put it in here:

Annoa wears all kind of Geisha dresses. She has her hair different most of the times, becuase she has all kinds of hair accesories. She doesn't like to wear shoes becuase then when she does she feels likes she can't feel the essense of the ground anymore. When she really has to wear shoes she wears the traditional wooden slippers.

She always has a Paper Fan with her. (Like in the pic). She is pretty tall for a lady, she stands a a 5.9 ft, 1.80 M. She had to swallow all kinds of herbs and medicine so she could be this height, becuase all models are this height or taller, if she didn't she would get beaten up.

Annoa is a real lady. She walks in a perfect straight line, she doesn't roll over when she sleeps, she sleeps on her back, and always speeks posh. She would love the change as soon as she can, but she couldn't, she is to afraid to get hit, although she knew that she wouldn't. All these things would seem stupid to other people but to her it ment alot.

Do to all the pain Annoa went through she became a very bitter person. She will always keep her manners but most of the time she would give a bit of a sting to it. Becuase her past was always so 'Perfect' to her teachers she had a thing for bad stuff. She heard about Team Rocket, Galactic, Magma and Aqua. She was interested in them all. Secretly she always wanted to join them. Most people wouldn't suspect her to be like that becuase she seemed like a real lady, but she knows she isn't.

Annoa was raised by Geisha's. There was a Tea house in the Sinnoh Region near Floaroma Town. Alot of people came there to see the Geisha's making Tea out of the herbs that could be found in the Town. They also came for the elegance of the woman, their dancing their manners.

But Annoa knew what was going on behind the scene's. She was left their by her parents becuase they couldn't control her, they called her a demon. The Geisha's would adopt kids that parents couldn't handle. They would teach them manners and change them to ladies. But at what price?

As Annoa was left there she got hit everytime she did something wrong, hard. She was even trained how to sleep. As a cushion she had a tieny tiny Tea Towel. She had to sleep on her back and wasn't allowed to turn over. If she did she got hit by a big tick wooden stick. If she chewed more or less then 12 times on a piece of food she would get hit with the stick. If she took a too small to big piece of food she would get hit, if she didn't walk in a straight line, or is she tripped she would get hit. If her head wasn't in the right angle she would get hit by the stick. And there were so many more rules. People that didn't live like a Geisha didn't know this. Their long dresses and their white make-up would cover all their wounds.

Annoa hated this life. Eventually when she mastered being a Geisha she was alowwed to be a waitress in the shop. During the day the shop would look very fansy and everyone that visited it was very polite, most of them were rich people. But when the night came it looked like a totally new world appeared. The Geisha's would be threated like whores and had to do what the man that visited wanted. Annoa wanted to leave as soon as she could, but when they were done working they were locked up, no way to escape.

One day a Purrlion jumped over the wall that the Geisha's were behind. Annoa sneaked her in becuase they weren't allowed any pets or pokemon in their house. The Purrlion saw what Annoa and the other Geisha's had to go through and she couldn't take it anymore. They managed to think of a plan to escape from the house.

As they finally gathered the courage to execute the plan. But they got caught by the head Geisha. The Purrlion scratched her face and cuased a disraction to let them escape. As they escaped Annoa promised the other Geisha's they she would save them from the terror they were going through and tell people that the world of a Geisha isn't all the beautifull.

As Annoa went on her journey she called the Purrlion, Alexis. Annoa couldn't get something out of her head. In the shop she saw a calander, a Chineese Zodiac ( i dunno how to use it in a sentance). It had a pokemon on it for every year. She wanted to catch every pokemon that was on that list. It was told that whoever had that list of pokemon, would be granted a free non-selfish wish.

Annoa Blackrain 509
Pokemon: Purrlion
Nickname: Alexis
Ability: Limber
Level: 5
Gender: Female
1) Scratch
2) Growl
Personality: Alexis is a pokemon that doesn't want to think about what happend to Annoa. She will do everything Annoa will ask her, not matter how crazy. She is trying as hard as she can to let Annoa be more loose and lose the things she thought becuase Annoa wanted that so much.

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PostSubject: Re: Annoa Blackrain   Annoa Blackrain I_icon_minitimeThu 09 Jun 2011, 8:33 am



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Annoa Blackrain
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