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 Nervously Leaving

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PostSubject: Nervously Leaving   Nervously Leaving I_icon_minitimeTue 07 Jun 2011, 1:14 pm

Wesley looked at the final glimps of the Theme Park. He saw the Ferris Wheel in the distance. It was hard for him to leave the Theme Park. He had never been far away from it for more then a week or so for on vacation with his parents. Wesley looked infront of him and didn’t want to look back anymore. Esper was walking next to him. She was pumped up to battle and what kind of adventure’s she would stumble upon to. Yerai and Cecilia were swimming next to eachother in a pond that went along the road Wesley was walking. Yerai and Cecilia weren’t talking, they were still to shy to talk. Even when they would talk it was small talk like: Nice weather, huh? Yerai would even say that if it was terrible weather.

Wesley looked up at the sky. There were a few clouds up in the sky. The sun was shining bright, but it wasn’t burning. If you wanted to cool down a bit you could sit in the shadow. It was at a great temperature. All in all it was a perfect day for a first day of his journey.

Wesley was thinking of what way he should go. He was thinking of going to Voyage city. He had a friend there that he would like to see, Tyler. Whenever his parents went there for the market on a Tuesday he was going with them to meet up with his friend and play. He hasn’t seen him in a while after his parents died. He sometimes went to the market himself when he felt like it. He would always go to the movies then or something.

Whenever he went to his friend he felt like he was in the same position Yerai is in. Wesley really ‘liked’ his friend but he never had the guts to tell him. He heard from a different friend that Tyler liked him aswell, but even then Wesley was to nervous to tell him. He was thinking to just say it. He was going on a journey and alot could change in the journey so he wanted to tell him as soon as possible. They could always stay in touch with the phone. The onlything that was on his mind right now was that.

Boy Wesley likes: Tyler:

Wesley sighed. He took a left to Voyage Town. With everystep he took he became more and more nervous. Maybe he wasn’t even home, that was the onlythought that could calm him down. In one way he hoped so that he didn’t have to tell him. But on the other hand he thought it would be the perfect time to tell him. He just couldn’t choose what to do. “Oke, i know what i can do for now.” Wesley said. He was hoping it would get his mind of all this. “Let’s train you guys.” The both nodded. Except Esper, she was over the top pumped up. She was jumping up and down. “Oke then.Your up first Esper.” She jumped up infront of Wesley, ready do train.

“Oke use Tackle on that tree over there!” Wesley pointed at a tree that was in the distance. Esper nodded and ran towards the tree. She went to it with a good speed and knocked the tree. The Tree shook a bit. “Oke good, but let’s do this a few more time to get it harder.” Esper nodded. She ran in circles around the tree and kept hitting it. “Good work girl.” Wesley said. Esper went on and on with the Tackle. Eventually a branch broke of. It wasn’t a big branch, but it was better then nothing and it was a sign that it was getting harder. “Oke Esper, faster!” Wesley said. She kept hitting it harder and harder. More and more branches fell of the tree. “Oke Esper. Take a break for now.” Esper nodded. She stopped running. She breathed heavily. She was tired but after a quick break she would be fine. Wesley was thinking of how he could train Yerai and Cecilia. Since the can’t be out of the water all to long. Esper jumped up and down again and was ready to go again. “Oke then. Tackle again!” She ran towards the tree. She was keep getting faster and faster. She hit the tree and it left a small didn’t in the tree. She looked up suprised. “I told you it would get better.” She nodded and went on again. She went on with the Tackle attacks and she kept hitting the same spot over and over making the dint bigger and bigger. After hitting and more hitting the tree had a bigger dint in the tree trunk that there was more of it. “Oke Esper. Try to knock it over.” She nodded and did a few steps back. As she stood still, it looked like a mad Tauros was ready to hit someone or something with it’s big horns. But of course she didn’t look as intimidating as a Tauros but she sure looked pumped up about it. She ran towards the tree as fast as she could. The hit the tree with all her power. The tree budged and it eventually fell over with a hard smack to the ground. “Yeah, that’s what i mean Esper.” Wesley said happily. She jumped up of joy. The leaves of the tree fell on her making her totally covored with leaves. “...Aha...” Wesley said bit a teasing tone. Esper came out of the leaves and looked ontop of her head. The was a leaf ontop of her head. She tried to blow it of her head. She couldn’t get it of no matter how hard she blowed. She sighed with half opened eyes and just went along with it. Yerai and Cecilia laughed at her.

She walked over towards Wesley happily, tired but happy. Wesley looked at both Yerai and Cecilia. “Hmm...how could i train you two?” Wesley asked them, although he knew that he couldn’t understand them, even if they awnsered back. Yerai and Cecilia both looked at eachother questioning, not knowing how. “Well let’s see. What Attacks do you now. Hmmm...You both only know Splash and Tackle.” Wesley then thought of something. “I got it.” Wesley picked them both up out of the water.

“Oke, i want you two to do Splash as hard as you can.” Normally there wasn’t a reason to use Splash in a battle, it did absolutely nothing. It doesn’t do any damage and it doesn’t lower any stats or higher any of their’s but Wesley thought of something so that he could take it to his advantage. They both used Splash they went up a bit in the air but it was only up to Wesley’s waist. “Oke, let’s see if we can go higher with the Splash attack oke?” She both nodded and did it again. They went a bit higher again to just under Wesley’s shoulders. Since they knew what the plan was they got the point and knew why they needed to do it. “Good job, Just a little higher.” They both kept going higher but it took a bit of a struggle to get up to Wesley’s hight since he was very tall comepared to any other normal sized person. Eventually they reached just above Wesley’s head. “Yeah that’s what i mean.” They stopped a while to catch their breath. “Oke, you think you two can do that again, now that you know how much strenght it costs?” They nodded. Since they now knew how much strenght it costs they didn’t have to stuggle anymore with doing minor height Splashes. They both went to it again and in just a matter of seconds they went up to Wesley’s height again.

“Yeah good job, both of you.” Wesley said happily that it was working out. They both smiled at Wesley. “Oke. I wanted you to do this becuase it can be a good way to avoid attacks.” Now Yerai and Cecilia really got the plan. They both looked very happy that they achieved it. “Now that you both know how to get up to that hight i want you to do something while you are up in the sky. You see when you are up in the sky you can use your fins the get a bit quicker in the sky and to move. And it is a good angle for when you two are up in the sky.” They both looked at Wesley and they thought it would be a good idea.

The both did a Splash again up to Wesley’s height. They then took the chance and did a Tackle attack. The went down quickly and used their fins to get quicker like Wesley told them to. The both hit the ground with a nice blow. It had a small dint in it. “Oke let’s try that a few more times.” They nodded and did it again. After six or seven tries you could see a bif whole in the ground. “Yeah...this could really work.” Wesley said happy. They did it again. They Splashed up high into the air and the used their Tackle attack. Everytime they did they went faster and more accurate. And there was more power behind it. Wesley was amazed by how much they wanted this to work. They Tackled down into the ground with high speed. They never went to quick as this before. “Oke the last time.” As they went down into the ground he could see some stones flying next to him. The blow was that hard that they went far into the ground. Wesley looked at Yerai and Cecilia. “Only you two can do that.” Yerai and Cecilia were stuck in the ground, becuase of the hard blow they went that hard into the ground that they couldn’t get out anymore.

Wesley pulled them out of the ground and placed them back into the water. “There you go.” Wesley said with a smile. “So since we are done training for now let’s go on with the training for today.” Wesley said walking along the road again. It surely brought his toughts of Tyler, but after five minutes of walking he thought of him again and got nervous.

~Up to Voya City~

Word Count: 1721 = 1600 Obtained
Esper Gained Two Levels
Yerai Gained Two Levels
Cecilia Gained Two Levels
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Nervously Leaving
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